We take immense pride in being active participants in the growth of the comedy community in the great white North. As a veteran comedian, I've noticed that the 'major cities' are well serviced in both comedy clubs and weekly venues, but the less population dense towns tend to be ignored. Our goal is to supply what is lacking. This is how the philosophy of #WEOWNTHENORTH was born. 

Comedy for me is not only a passion, but also a business. And as a business owner, you can establish far more control over your career by having the ability to build your name, your brand and fan base by going out finding high quality venues and bringing your art to the people.

Together with my partner, fellow comedian Arianna Pile, we are proud to connect budding and seasoned comics with venues or organizations who are looking to increase knowledge of their services or fundraise for a great cause. This is just the beginning of the #WEOWNTHENORTH movement.

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