No man or business, is an island. It takes on a daily basis, many moving parts to contribute to the running of a successful business or a fulfilling life. To that, I must take the time to showcase and show gratitude for a few of those parts, that consistently make my life and business just a bit easier to manage.



So much can be said about peace of mind. The ability to rest assured that someone or something has your back in times of the mundane or crisis. LegalShield is priceless for both. But admittedly, it costs me less than a dollar a day to protect me, my family and my businesses. I can't recommend it enough. Learn more below.



Not only did I use UBER to get me places, I also became a driver. I was fascinated by it because 1. I could control my time and income and 2. I could utilize that private time with people to market my upcoming events. It was an absolute no lose for me. Would it work for you too? Take a peep below.



You may only shave your legs or your face, but I shave quite a bit more. So obviously, I see value in saving some money from this month to month cost.

Dollar Shave Club is simply a better way AND at a better price WITHOUT sacrificing quality. Find out more below.